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This is kind of like the intermittent random message from some guys that have to get online to say they have become bored with video gaming. My personal feeling is "Who gives a flying flip?" but with so much emotional hypersensitivity, that free speech is forbidden. I remember several years ago, the message boards started being filled with messages from guys that were "sick and tired of FPS". Now, many years later, what do we have? CoD FPS sells in the millions. There is still FPS everywhere and no signs of that genre fading away. The point is every person is going to go through their ups and downs, which is going to affect their feelings about video gaming. Some people find Candy Crush fascinating and addictive. To others, it makes them hurl. Different strokes for different folks. The PS4 seems to have a good supply of games coming. The subject title is basically wrong or at least incomplete: "Nothing to play until March" -- FOR YOU. For others, there are quite a few games to play until then. Also, this statement is neglecting the fact that several games could show up on the PS store before then. Maybe every one won't be a great game but it will be something to play. There is also Thief and Rayman Legends in Feb, Planetside 2 maybe. January and February tend to be slow anyway from burnout over the holidays and all the other events of a new year. It's true the major AAA titles don't start showing up until March and it could be said in comparison there is nothing else to play. Sony might be saying some more at CES 2014, in only a few weeks.
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