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    HoGS Of War (HoW) clan (new website)

    We are always looking for new members who dont take there gaming to serious. We have just recruited a games design student who has set up this new website . Recent tournaments include a fifa13 2v2 , gt5 , ultimate gamer and a 1v1 leaderboard . We will be surporting both the ps3 and ps4 , and plan to have some gt6 tournaments in the new year on ps3.

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    If you can get some bf4 into the mix that would be nice

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    Just an update on what we are running now ..

    Monday nights - WATCHDOGS (ps4) 9:30pm gmt

    Wednesday nights - MOTO GP 2014 CHAMPIONSHIP (ps4) 10:00pm gmt

    Friday night - GT6 SEASON 3 (ps3) 10pm gmt

    Hogs Gaming Challenge any night (ps3+ps4)

    Sunday night - Warthunder/ Bf4 night (ps4) 9:30 pm gmt

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    Clicked on the thread on the main page expecting this:


    Please help our Final Fantasy Community get off the ground:

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    With the arrival of project cars - destiny - diablo3- driveclub - golfclub . We are looking to increase our numbers for some online friendly gaming/comps , the only thing you need to bring is a sense of humour and your ps4 .

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