So with the thread I posted on launch with the 'Manager Tasks' related trophy for FIFA Ultimate Team, the work around was to delete my club, recreate it and start again.
To which assistance was given to me to hold on to my coins whilst I did the process, and then returned to me with the new club. I received the trophy and assumed I would then be on my way to a platinum.
On my hunt however I have now encountered a new problem with a trophy I believe is called 'Long Term Signing' or something along those lines; the trophy requires you to buy a 99 contract item from the EA Football Store and then apply it to a player within your Ultimate Team.
Again, with the FIFA 14 version on PS4 being directly linked to the progress you made on the PS3 version, the problem I have encountered is that up until the level I currently am, I have already on my PS3 purchased all available 99 contract items, thereby making them unavailable to repurchase in the store.
The next opportunity I will get to purchase one is when I reach level 67 on the game, with a certain amount of EXP available per day and obviously an increasing amount of EXP required to reach the next level this will take an extremely significant length of time to actually accomplish (considering I am level 46 currently I believe).

Is there a work around to get this trophy? Because that seems an awful lot of work for something I have already done.
One idea I had was would it work if someone purchased a 99 contract item from the store and then gifted it to me?
With the fact I have already bought it I'm not so sure if I'd actually receive the gifting of it, so any suggestions or known fixes would be extremely welcome.

Thanks once again guys.