The other night I was watching netflix, and I have my PS4 set to automatically turn off if I'm not using it for a certain amount of time, same with my TV because I usually fall asleep. The next day, I noticed the PS4 was still running with the blue light doing the pulse effect. So I turned on my TV to see what was up, and there was nothing but a blank screen. Now I've looked up a little about this issue, but people who are getting this similar issue got this right off the bat and seems to be a hard drive related issue. I don't think that's the case for me, I tried to reset it by holding the power button but nothing happened so I did what I really didn't want to do, I unplugged the power cord. I plugged it back in, and the system just did it's little safe mode check on all the files and then it started fine and I still had all my files and was able to access everything normally.

Now I'm just curious as to what possibly caused this? The automatic shut-off time? Anyone had any time of similar experience? I want to know for future prevention of this issue.