If Sony made an "Elite" version of the Vita, would you pay the extra money?
What I mean by "Elite" is, it would be the same style as the 2000 model but with the oled screen instead of LCD, but what would really make it worth more money
is if Sony can make the screen and rear touchpad gorilla glass and the silver/grey band that wraps around the edge of the Vita aluminum, while the remaining material (the plastic that's between the grey edge and the back touch screen) would be either aluminum as well or a really high quality matte plastic.

IMO, not having to worry about the screen scratching EVER! would be amazing! I hate having to use screen protectors when it should have been made with gorilla glass from the start.
Sony could really go all out and make it a "unibody" shell like the Macbook pros are made, making it extremely durable, but that idea is just a fun thought, the adding of gorilla glass screen and an aluminum body I am serious about. Obviously they would have to be made to order due to the small customer base that would want it, but they will only make money since they would be made to order.

I know this is 99.99% impossible that Sony would make this, but man, you got to admit it would be so amazing to have an all aluminum and gorilla glass Vita!
The Vita is such a nice piece of tech as is, but trading out all the plastic and the cheap scratchable glass(if it even is glass?) for aluminum and scratch proof glass while keeping the OLED screen would be absolutely amazing IMO. I would pay up to $499.99 for a Vita of that quality without question. While there at it, they might as well throw in that L2 and R2 that they forgot to put in the first place, and if they cant make the analog sticks click in because there to small or something, then just add a small button to press instead and place them where the speaker holes are now.

If the Vita had triggers and L3 and R3 it would be the greatest handheld device ever. The nvidia Shield and the WiiU controller are far more functional and comfortable than the Vita.
It still boggles my mind that Sony didn't add triggers or at least just digital buttons to the Vita. They gave us another analog stick that was definitely the most important thing to add if you had to add only one, but why not add triggers? especially since the Vita had PS4 remote play built into the design from the very beginning, so why give us a gimped alternative (the rear touchpad) when just putting them in in the first place would have worked just fine. How much more money would it cost per Vita if they added 2 triggers and 2 clickable analog sticks?

Anyways, would you buy an "Elite" PS Vita if there was such a thing?