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    Sony is giving me a free game to apologize for broken PS4!

    Hey all

    I'm not much a forum user, but I thought I should share this story.

    So I'm in Ireland, got my PS4 at launch on Friday Nov 29th played it for a week, really enjoyed it, everything was going well.
    After the first week though, Thursday the 5th, I started having disc drive problems, where the PS4 was making a weird motor noise and wouldn't accept any discs. So I called Sony on the Thursday and they run me through the rebuild data base and initialize the PS4 thing and all that. None of those procedures worked so I called back. With the information that those procedures did not work, they decided I needed my console replaced. Which is fine, I expected there might be hardware issues at launch, just sucked I was part of it.

    Anyway, so a replacement console was on the way, or so I thought... I was told because it was a Thursday when I called them that it would be Monday when my console would arrive. So I took the day off to wait for the courier, the 4pm rolled around and still no delivery. I wasn't given a tracking number so I called Sony again to get one to find out where my package was but it turned out the replacement console was never actually sent out. Someone in the call center messed up... So another replacement console was set up to be sent out and was to arrive on Wednesday, I was also told to call them on Tuesday to get a tracking number. Which I did.

    So Wednesday morning rolls around and I decide to call the courier to find out what time I should expect the courier, they tell me there's been a mistake with the address, which I confirmed with Sony 3 times... and my package was on the other side of the country and I wouldn't receive it till Thursday.

    So Thursday rolls around, I get a text from the courier in the morning that my package would arrive around 6pm, It arrives I set up it and I'm gaming again! Happy, but annoyed at the process, the mistakes and the fact it took a week. So I emailed Sony the story I just told you, they emailed me back the next day saying someone would be in touch about my issue and when would be a good time to call, I replied with a good time, which was that evening, and then a 6 days later, today they finally call me. They are incredibly sorry and really genuinely regretful of what I went thorough, so they decided to send me out a free copy of Killzone Shadow Fall! Which is great because I haven't got that game yet. I'm playing AC4 and Need for Speed

    So! This was an awful process, but I know I was just very unlucky, I know this is not how it goes for most PS4 users with hardware issues. But even though this process sucked for me, I am still incredibly happy with how it turned out, I got a new perfectly working console and a free game. They really did everything they could to keep me happy and even though there were mistakes, I can't fault them too much for that because at the end of the day, they are humans and we all make mistakes. The fact that they own up to them and apologize in sincere way, is what keeps me happy.

    So that's my story

    Anyone wanna play some Killzone? Add me on PSN: Darkarse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffman1986 View Post
    I see what you mean by you don't post much, you have been a member since 2010 and yet this is your first post

    Good news and sounds like it turned out alright in the end
    And it actually shared an experience! Usually 1st posts go something like "yeah I agree" or some emoticon...

    To me a week to get a system in the mail wouldn't be too hateful but I agree it is a bit excessive. Especially after told it would be there on a certain day.

    Good luck with your new console and GAME ON!

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    The Bluetooth in mine is defective :'( been waiting for Gamestop to restock to swap mine

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    That was actually pretty cool.

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    After all that, a free game. Respect.

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    Retailing at 60 a game I think thats a very nice gesture! At least your all up and running now after the delay.

    PSN: LM-93
    Lets Play!

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    You should always complain when they screw up I got a free PSP from sony when they screwed up the battery I bought for my laptop. I bought one with a extended life and they sent me a regular one on top of being late. I also had a defect xbox one controller from launch and it took them 3 weeks to sort it out and get me one. I asked for a free promo game but they said they didint do that so now im waiting for a gift card in the mail, I dont know how much its gonna be tho.

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