Assassins Creed IV Black Flag is on the 12 days of Christmas sale on the EU PSN for PS3 for a price of 19.99 or 17.99 if you are a PS+ subscriber.


AC IV is on the PS3 - PS4 upgrade scheme for 10 meaning you can get the PS4 version for 29.99 or 27.99 with PS+

Obviously no re sale value, but is currently the cheapest way to get the PS4 version

Plus if you do a lot of remote play like me, digital titles are more favourable (if the price is right!) as you get more selection rather than being tied to whichever game is in the drive.

BF4 was also on the 12 deals of Christmas afew days ago for the PS3 and I did the exact same thing with that as this AC IV deal and it all went through seamlessly.