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    Empire Magazine Online: "The Last Of Us: The Best Film Of The Year"


    Speaking of movies, what films did you use as touchstones for creating The Last Of Us?Bruce: It started, actually, with Children Of Men. And then we saw No Country For Old Men together we went to a preview or showing somewhere, we kind of lucked out with some tickets at the last minute... I don't know, it was one of those things and I hadn't heard about it, I hadn't seen a trailer, I hadn't read the Cormac McCarthy book.
    We went into it blind, and I remember just walking out of that theatre... There was no air in my lungs at all, and I'm looking at Neil with the widest eyes ever, saying, "What the $#@! did we just see? What was that?" And we had this very engaging conversation about it. And it continued, not just for that evening, but into the next day's lunch, and then another dinner. We kept talking about how we've never played a game that had that kind of tension and that kind of subtlety, and that kind of simplicity of music there was pretty much no score. You were so present in every single moment of that film, and the development of Llewelyn Moss as a character who didn't have all this exposition. It was "show, don't tell" to the ultimate degree, and that was really intriguing for us as game developers. We'd say, "I've never played that type of game before, let's do that."
    Great kudos from a renowned, specialist, film magazine. The Last of Us is one of those few games that are actually trying to move forward the medium past it's unfortunate stereotype.

    And while I believe there is a place for games like Call of Duty, Madden, Gears (all franchises I have enjoyed) - I think this is an important step forward within the industry.

    You can't say games aren't "art" just because 'Dudebros' or 'silly' type of games DO exist. Much like there is room in the film industry for movies like Anchorman 2 or Zoolander.

    What the LAst of Us does in my opinion, is it brings that conversation forward, it allows us as gamers (or rather, those who are passionate about discussing these topics) to be ab;e to use this (and other games which attempt to do the same) as examples.

    Be Together - Not the same.

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    That's so awesome to hear, especially for me, since I'm in film school and love gaming. There could be even bigger job potential for film-makers in the future. Big devs can hire writers for their game scripts. Activision already did with David S. Goyer on Black Ops. And he wrote Blade II and TDK trilogy. A potential collaboration between the film and gaming industry would be awesome for me. The things that I love joining forces, and maybe finally, they can make proper videogame film adaptations. I wouldn't mind seeing Metal Gear Solid on the big screen. But has to be a great writer and an even better director.

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    TLOU delivered on story telling for sure, and the gaming was fun and well designed. The talking that takes place through the game as you play really lend themselves to this.

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    Last of us didn't feel like you were sitting through a movie. It just had a compelling story and narrative. The game that actually felt like you were sitting through a movie was heavy rain.

    PS- Did they draw inspiration for Last of us from No country for old men? It's a fanatastic movie, one of the best blu-rays i own.

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    Well deserved definitely, The Last Of Us is the best game of the generation imo, and by far the most compelling entertainment in existence right now.

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