Does PSU have any souls fans? Personally DSII will be my first souls game but I have been watching a playthrough of dark souls and I gotta say, just WATCHING the game is so addictive and fun. I would buy dark souls and play it before the second one hits, but I'm afraid I have seen most of the game's bosses and stuff so it wouldn't be much of challenge anymore. I have the game preordered but would have liked a next gen version

Recent interviews state the devs are interested in working on next gen but haven't announced anything. Miyazaki is only supervising DSII so I assume he is working on Demon's Souls 2 for ps4 exclusively (since sony owns the IP)

Edge Preview
Dark Souls II is FROMSOFT biggest game in the studio's history with the development team roughy doubled.
Miyazaki is closely overseeing development of the game, unlike of what was previously reported.
Production of the game was split in two, with Yui Tanimura in charge of battle mechanics and gameplay while Tomohiro Shibuya is in charge of world and design.
The opening cinematic will be available for public sometime in January.
Members of the Brotherhood of Blood and Blue Sentinels can fight PvP battles within their own Covenants.
Hints of a new Covenant that will act as a police force hunting down invaders, adding an element of risk on those who seek to prey on weaker players.
Dark Souls II world is about the same size of Dark Souls, but in regards of how proceeding through the world the player will be given more freedom to choose their decisions.
Lifegems are being balanced and tuned, number of items in general will be limited to balance the game progression.
Dark Souls II bosses will not be necessarily bigger than Dark Souls, just more interesting in terms of design and fighting style.
Feedback from the beta was positive, the results of the test proved that Bamco's servers in Japan have plenty of capacity, though it will likely set up local servers in North America and Europe too.
The darkness of Huntsman's Copse was a common complaint in the beta, FROM said that they are not going to make any brighter, there will be critical moments where you will be forced to choose between a shield's protection and a torch's vision.
The team cranked up the difficulty but it's still debating whether it's too hard or too easy.
Regarding the PC version, Tanimura says the game development is based on PC and they will make sure that the main PC game features are supported.
Regarding Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions Tanimura said that "We have not put any thought into this yet, so I unfortunately can’t answer at this point."