I'm at the part where you open a decompression hatch...the mission after you escape with the chick. The one where you dive down and land on a air mattress type thing...I think it's the first mission where you encounter the enemies with the shields.

Anyway, it's this one...http://www.ign.com/wikis/killzone-shadow-fall/Chapter_7

Well....at the part where you open the decompression chamber to go after Massar....to get down to the bottom of the chamber you're guy is suppose to auto make a rope and repel down.

I think.

I can't figure out how to do it. I watched a video and the guy in the video just walked up to the hole/chamber thing and it looks like the game took over and made a repel rope and slid down the rope to the bottom....my game won't do that.

I've already completed the game once but I think I remember this giving me a problem last time. It didn't exactly auto do what it's suppose to do too easily.

Am I missing something? I've done all the objectives except the optional one to get into the security room....but I even tried doing that but still nothing.