I had been using my Samsung Galaxy S4's in ear headphones. They're good quality sound and mic, plus free (Have multiple sets from various smart phones.) The problem for me is, they'd inevitable start loosing up and falling out over time. Not good during a 30min survival session on Warframe.

I really want a decent Surround Sound (from actually 7.1 or even 5.1 audio source and not Matrix from stereo.) But I'm waiting until Sony finally announces what the EXT port next to the 3.5mm plug is on the DS4, as I suspect it's to support headphones w/ surround sound audio via the controller.

So, not wanting to spend a lot of money and not necessarily caring if they are the most robust headphones, I bought a Turtle Beach M5 headphones. They are completely over the ear (padding rests on the head around the ear.) The sound quality is decent (not $100+ Sennheiser decent but I'd put the up against $100 Beats.)

So far no complaints on the audio, and I asked a few people if it sounded Ok, and they all said it sounded fine.

Yes it is plastic, I don't expect it to take a lot of abuse (but I don't abuse my stuff.) And it's an intermediate solution. They Retail for $50, I paid $31 from Amazon and so far I'm happy given what they are.

Would I recommend them for the long term, probably not. But for budget friendly and shorter term solution. I'd recommend them.

It's interesting that Sony announced yesterday that Turtle Beach will be making their Playstation branded gaming headsets moving forward.