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    Quote Originally Posted by FinalSynFrey View Post
    On the Playstation side, you are able to play any Region game on your PSN Account. Whether it be a US Account, Japanese Account, European Account, etc; The only thing you CAN'T do is download a DLC for a specific region. If you have a US Account and you have a European specific game, you can't download the DLCs for it. This is where Multiple accounts come in or REGION MIGRATION comes into play.
    Yeah the region thing is a pain but on the other hand if you know that DLC is region locked then you'll be ok for example I recently got Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning from the US, so I know I must go on the US store and download the US DLC (which I did) but anyone not knowing and buys DLC for a foreign version is gonna be screwed. I remember GT5 DLC released in Europe or Japan first and a lot of US GT5 owners went onto those alt accounts, bought the DLC, then it wouldn't work.

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    I added my vote to the 'official' one on the website from PlayStation itself and on the TS' one.

    Really disappointing that this option isn't available yet.. You can change it as good as everywhere.. Xbox too, so why would PSN be so hard? I don't believe it's hard, I just believe they want to make it sound hard because they realised they've made a retarded mistake back then by not having this option out there... That's my thoughts on this.. Could be wrong, but I wouldn't believe it either honestly so yeah, shame on Sony for NOT having this option..
    Lot of people chose a name when they were younger or get used to a new one later on and want to change it but noooo make a new account.. They'd be way better off in their database with less accounts and namechanging than more accounts where maybe 1 guy might've got like 5/6 accounts because he wants different names all the time...

    Still hoping to see the future pop up soon though...

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    On the Japanese PSN you can already do this
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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    Why not just vote for it on the PS Blog share where Sony can actually see it?

    I'd much rather change my region to US though
    Agreed - more visibility in the official polls.

    But great idea nonetheless. Along with being able to swap Store regions.

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    Well that sucks big time then. At least atm I can simply buy stuff off my US account and play it on my main account with any DLC bought off my US account too. But that won't work with Vita which is why I need to switch altogether or Sony needs to add multiple accounts to Vita.
    Multiple accounts on VITA is the only thing that's stopping me from signing up to PS+ US account to take advantage of VITA sales etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by MacP View Post
    On the Japanese PSN you can already do this
    Which means it is possible.

    There's hope yet.
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