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    Playstation 4 POS Barcode/Product Code Question?

    So I brought a playstation 4 today off of a local ad website for my
    City and the playstation was in brand new condition, the box was sealed and it also came with the printed out receipt from amazon which was clearly official and also had the mans address on of where I travelled to pick up the console.. When he gave me the receipt I checked the product code on the box which was entitled 'POS Barcode' and matched it up with the barcode on the reciept and it correctly matched but then when I got home And took the first box off to reveal the plain white box with the handle.. I looked on the bottom of that box to find another barcode entitled 'POS Barcode' but this one doesn't seem to match the product code on the receipt, I then asked my friend to double check his and his was also different to the product code on the receipt but then his outer packaging barcode matched the receipt, are we unlucky? Or is this the case with every playstation 4..

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    The only barcode that will be used is the one on the outer box which gets scanned through the till point, the one on the white box is probably the one Sony uses for outgoing stock.
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