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    When you intro yourself...

    Christopher posted a little something in the shoutbox, and it got me thinkin'.

    I looked back at what he was referring to, and it brings back so many memories. Honestly, just heartfelt memories.

    So, what was it? He was referring to my into post back when I first started here.


    So, I started looking for some old times that go further back from here...


    F34R is watching you.
    Ok, so that isnt the best title. lol. Anyways, I am F34R. I have been here a while, and most of you probably have seen a post or two of mine. Let me take a few minutes to tell you about myself.

    I am 30 years old, married, and have three wonderful kids. There's Henry, 8 year old son, and then the twins, 4 year old girls Brenna Nicole and Kayla Michelle. My wife, Melissa, is 27, and attends college full time right now.
    Here is a pic from Christmas '03: PICTURE

    Now for the biggie, ME ! I am a PSP nut. I love the little machine, and I love to tinker with it. I am a moderator over at, and I live to serve. If there is anything that you need, please feel free to contact me via PM or MSN Messenger ([email protected]). I will do my best to help in anyway possible. I work, well, I'll leave that for last. Its been an ongoing mystery at, with people trying to figure out where I work lol. So that'll come at the end of this post.

    I like to play guitar. I am decent, not EVH material, but decent. I also have been playing soccer (football) for most of my life. I do a lot of card magic, which my kids simply hate lol. I have a huge passion for gaming. I also love helping others to get the most enjoyment they can out of their "toys". I am around a lot, so chances are you'll catch me here if you need anything.

    Well, that about sums it all up without going through an entire life history. Oh, and about my full time job... I work as a... *tricked ya !
    I joined there in 2005! Almost 10 years ago. I'd been there almost half a year and posted the thread. That is where I met Lethal_NFS, who is like a brother to me.
    I'd love to see what has gone on with others. Quote or link to your intro here if you did one. Also, search around to other gaming sites you've been on. Do the same. The only rule is that you don't post any links to active competitive sites. Gaf would be fine.

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    Unfortunately I never introduced myself on here.

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    I can't possibly find my first post here on PSU, much less one where I introduced myself. My original account has no logged posts, and my original Rapture account was wiped completely in a forum software upgrade back in 2010. I tried finding the posts with the site's search feature, but it returned no results.

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