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    Quote Originally Posted by sainraja View Post
    Proprietary accessories aren't a Microsoft thing or even an Apple thing. Sony does it too.

    To be fair, that is what everyone said before they released iPad and even the iPhone.
    I understand that. I just can't see what apple could bring to the console genre of gaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanm1978 View Post
    What if apple enters the console market....?

    Here's my thought on it:

    If they do enter the console gaming market, then that just means there will be an EXTREMELY overpriced, already well-established technology that Apple comes out advertising as something it came up with, and they'll slap a bunch of patents on such, then try to litigate instead of innovate.

    Some may not remember the Samsung v Apple lawsuits, where Apple tried to sue Samsung for everything under the sun..but I do. Instead of coming up with fresh new ideas, they want to drag companies into court. If someone threatens your breadbasket, don't sue them, come up with something even better. Why try to squash innovation that the consumer benefits from...come up with fresh ideas that people are wanting and they'll buy your product....instead of trying to put a gag order on innovation and stopping people who want to be visionaries. And after Apple proclaims how great their wonderful deceased leader was, and how much of a visionary he was...we all know how apple got their start, and what he did in his garage with that computer.
    But that was back in the IBM days..back when social media wouldn't explode and cream their pants because you blatantly ripped off someone's idea and patented it, then created your company around it.
    That would never fly this day and time...but it did back then.

    So, if they entered the console gaming arena...we would all see a flurry of lawsuits from Apple against Sony/MS claiming that Apple created a PS1 back in 1983...but they just didn't want to use the idea and now Sony should pay them and stop making consoles all together.

    That's just my opinion....Im sure there's some hardcore apple fanboys who will come in and give me all the reasons why Steve Jobs deserved his fame because he did it in a garage and proved that even the "little man" can steal $#@! that ain't yours and run with it...
    But we all know the story...the REAL story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I understand that. I just can't see what apple could bring to the console genre of gaming.
    I am not sure either (I think that is why they are able to disrupt the industry they enter -- they're not usually the first, but when they do something, it's usually disruptive.) I wouldn't count them out....just yet.

    Then again, Steve Jobs isn't there but he alone didn't make Apple what it is, or maybe he did, we're going to find out in the next few years.

    Anyway, I'd like to see what they would do honestly. Chances are that they won't bother at all. It just depends on how the future of gaming unfolds.
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