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    Quote Originally Posted by K2D View Post
    I miss the slim PS3. As in: I want to buy a new one, but I don't fancy the new "super slim" PS3.
    Wait for the Super Super Slim then
    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzyreactor
    Nothing more exciting than bringing home a brand new console and watching a download screen for a hour.

    yay, next gen!

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    yeah, i miss the 4 usbs more than anything lol. 4 usbs are perfect. 2 is just too little :S

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    Wait for the Super Super Slim then
    that's probably going to happen too. give it another 2 years. they will make it slimmer. they want to try and repeat PS2's success. I know they will do this to revatalize the console.
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