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    another night of gaming tuning the monk and trying to get lvl 90
    trying to reach 5 followers today.please help me<33

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    1. Twitch Channel -
    2. New games, rpg's, open world games, anything that interests me
    3. Time Schedule - Monday to Saturday Starting at 8.30pm GMT, 3.30pm EDT, 2.30pm CDT, 12.30pm PDT -twitter for updates
    4. Will I interact with the audience? Yes, I started streaming to interact with a community
    5. Do I have a Mic? Yes - Audio Technica 2020
    6. Do I have a camera? Yes, Logitech c920 plus I have a green screen.
    psn id: Seekersneak

    Loving the ps4, Currently have:
    Assassins creed: black flag
    fifa 14
    outlast and the other free psn+ games.

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    1.twitch channel WWW.TWITCH.TV/AARON13MIAMI
    2.content you stream - PS4 Sports Games - Madden NFL 15, NBA2K ,WWE
    4.will you interact with the audience? No you have a mic? No you have a camera? No

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    Items User name style
    1. Twitch channel:
    2. Content you stream: Games, 3ds Max, and Unreal Engine 4
    3. Time schedule: Can be at any time 7 days a week except Mondays 18:30-22:00 and Saturdays I won't start until at least 15:00
    4. Will you interact with the audience? If I'm playing games maybe otherwise yes
    5. Do you have a mic? Yes but use only when using 3ds Max or Unreal Engine 4
    6. Do you have a camera? Yes but don't use

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    1.twitch channel -
    2.content you stream - Call of duty, FIFA, Titanfall WHAT EVER THE VIEWERS WANT!
    3.time schedule - All different times of the day (i don't have a set schedule).
    4.will you interact with the audience? YES! Unless the viewers want peace and quiet. you have a mic? Yepp! you have a camera? Yes but i don't use it all of the time.

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    Cool TwiztidNati - Gamer / Streamer

    TwiztidNati here to tell you a bit about my stream.

    1. (TwiztidNati is the username)

    2. I stream Diablo 3, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Albion Online and many more!

    3. Stream nearly every single day at random hours between 11am-3am eastern time zone. Most of my streams are 12 hours+.

    4. I am very interactive with my guests, but only if they talk first so that they don't feel awkward.

    5. Have a mic - always used.

    6. Have a cam - always used.

    Hope to see you there and thanks so much!

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    Items Title StyleVitaPS3 Slim
    Going to start streaming games more often now so here's a refresh of my channel info:


    2. I stream everything and anything I have in my game collection and what I am playing at the time, Destiny and Advanced Warfare at the moment but as of next week I shall be streaming GTA 5 on PS4, Far Cry 4 and DAI

    3. Mostly late evenings after 9.00pm and between 2.00pm and 7.30pm Saturday, also stream Sunday's but times vary!

    4. Yes unless they don't want me to or hate the sound of my voice

    5. Have a mic, not great but usable and will be upgrading soon

    6. No camera

    So come along and take a look, hope to have some of you viewing soon
    PSN ID: Duffman19864

    Twitter ID: Duffman1986

    Twitch ID:

    My Youtube Gaming Channel - Now with commentary: Duffman Gaming

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    GTA V/FIFA 15 Twitch Next Gen Gameplay

    We do GTA V/ FIFA 15 and some other gameplay,
    We don't have a specific Schedule, but we will soon as we are new to Streaming and recording,
    We have mics but no cam's and we play on the Ps4 and possibly ps3!
    Come Check us out for Funny Gameplay!

    *LIVE NOW* and OFTEN!
    Last edited by 4SGaming; 12-07-2014 at 06:52. Reason: We are LIVE!

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    1.twitch channel -
    2.content you stream - Mainly Battlefield 4, CoD AW, GTA V And FarCry 4
    3.time schedule - No set schedule due to work but stream everyday check my twitter for updates
    4.will you interact with the audience? Yes you have a mic? Yes you have a camera? Yes
    Check me out on Twitch
    PSN ID LethalRitchie

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    Heya, I'm Cythia I'm currently a new streamer.. but I've been really enjoying it thus far. So here goes.

    2. Gaming content such as Hearthstone, and a few others if I'm up to it. :3
    3.I'm -4atlantic time, and stream around 11pm-5am. Or on my days off of work.
    4. I do interact with my followers, the more people the merrier.
    5. I do have a mic
    6. I don't have a camera yet, but I'm in the process of getting one soon.

    7. You can also find me at facebook, youtube, and twitter.

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