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    My subconscious told me I should finish The Last of Us... so I did! :)

    Update: And I finished the game! (see post #17).

    I know it probably sounds silly and actually unheard of that I haven't finished the game yet despite owning it for a good while. I started it, got as far as escaping the Capitol Building and going down to the nearby subway. I think it was right before you start Bill's Town. So yeah, still early and I know it's inexcusable. Lol.

    I guess my subconscious or whatever you want to call it decided to dream about me being excited for The Last of Us (like I was before its release) because the dream I had recently played out with a younger me walking up to a crowd of people praising the damn game. You know, "You guys have to play it to understand how great it is!" And the crowd of people were older, perhaps a representation of my current self that still likes PlayStation but isn't really hardcore about it anymore.

    Basically, I need to shut my mouth and finish the game before I even think to make posts about not wanting Naughty Dog to make a sequel again. I was playing GTA V at the time and really enjoying it but I think that love of open world games made it difficult to continue playing The Last of Us. I don't want to turn this into a X game vs. Y game thread though because I know some people were disappointed with VGX. I'm just saying sorry for being unfair with any of my previous posts.
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