Where do you plan on taking the Scout class? What specific roles do you see it playing on the battlefield?
by Knight Soiaire, BurgezzE.T.F, DUST 514 Forums

Alas, poor Scout, I knew him!
The Scout’s not gotten too much love in recent months. What started out as a bullet-strafing monster back in Chromosome has slowly been marginalized as other aspects of the game have been worked on and improved. I’m happy to say that soon the Scout class should be wholly rejuvenated (or at the very least, be in a much better place). The introduction of cloaking equipment and revamped bonuses should help the Scout find his rightful place in the battlefield hierarchy. To me, the Scout role has always been about creating a disruptive force on the battlefield. He’s the guy that can cover enough ground quickly enough to get drop uplinks into the right places (that is, if everyone didn’t carry one, but more on that later), hack objectives back, disperse squad members (nothing makes people scatter faster than a KC-amped shotgunner) and generally make a nuisance of himself.

The Scout role will get very high PG/CPU bonuses to fitting cloak equipment, making it just about the only role that can feasibly fit a cloak field without having to sacrifice the rest of its fit. Individual race skill bonuses will create opportunities for cloaked scouts to scan further and longer than other dropsuits, to have less “shimmer” as they move, and have lower innate scan profiles so that they can be visually and electronically invisible. These should help create more useful assassins, intel gatherers, and saboteurs. And in time, the introduction of additional Scout specializations will be added to further push the boundaries of the little Light Suit That Could.
From a really good dev blog by CCP Remnant, senior game designer for DUST 514.

I gots me over 5,000,000 SP to get this day fugging one. With this I can get my Art of War groove on in a way I couldn't with the slower and less agile medium frame logistics suit. I was mucking around with a scout BPO and good grief is the speed and agility addictive. I'll be going right into proto, probably gallente because it has 4 low slots which is where I can beat proto scans. It depends what the caldari and amarr scout bonuses and slot allocations.