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    Find hidden galaxies

    Just been watching BBC stargazing live event they need the public's help to sort through thousands of images to find galaxies.

    In this project we are asking you to look for gravitational lenses in infrared images, where the most distant galaxies in the Universe can be seen. The survey images were taken using three filters (i, J and Ks) on two different telescopes (CFHT and VISTA), and combined into a color composite. Massive galaxies appear orange, while star-forming galaxies in the background can be blue, turquoise, green or red, depending on how far away they are. Quasars (very distant supermassive black holes that glow as they consume the gas around themselves) look like stars (ie, small and round) that are all sorts of colours: turquoise, green, purple and even pink...
    BBC program website

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    I'll let you know.
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    This is such an awesome idea, letting citizens sort out what form what in the Universe. NASA should do this more often too.

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