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    Question Anyone have experience increasing PS4 network speed via MoCa Bridge (Tivo Premiere)?

    I have a Cisco wireless N router that seems to work great on all my other devices; on my Macbook Pro, which is the same distance from the router, I get about 60Mbit download, 5-10Mbit upload on a speed test.

    Connecting wirelessly on my PS4, when I do the built-in internet speed test, I get speeds like 12Mbit down, 1 or 2Mbit up; and it varies a lot. Strangely, the test on the PS4 shows 98% to 100% transmission Signal Strength from the router.

    So, I looked into the Homeplug stuff. I realized, I have a Tivo Premiere (the 4-channel model) sitting right near the PS4. The TiVo Premiere is set up via MoCa to the router (I guess this is kinda standard cable installations now when the company does it for you). I wondered if I could use the TiVo as a wireless bridge; since it's basically doing the same thing as the Homeplugs; running internet through the coax rather than the power line. Well, I plugged an ethernet cable into the TiVo, and the other end into the PS4, re-setup the internet to use the LAN Cable, and boom, I had 35Mbit download, 4Mbit upload.

    One problem, though; the NAT Type went from 2 to 3, which is bad. I tried setting up a static IP, but that didn't help. I assume the TiVo's firmware/software is blocking certain ports, but there doesn't seem to be a way to configure that (or if there is, I can't find documentation on it).

    Anyone know if there's a way to make this work? Or am I going to just have to buy Homeplugs? Seems strange that the wireless speed is so slow when the Macbook just a few feet away is getting 60Mbps download straight off the wireless. I know the PS4 is sitting near the TiVo and HDTV, which could be giving off EMF; but should it be that much slower?
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