Rather unsurprisingly, the humble Xbox 360 appears to have topped UK hardware sales charts for 2013, and is second only to the 3DS overall. Ah, my little 360 - in the pantheon of consoles, you are undoubtedly Zeus. Which is to say, you're the lechy bearded one who enjoys a bit of reverse-bestiality. OK, how do you feel about Poseidon, then?

The data comes care of Eurogamer, which has been chatting to Chart-Track. The Xbox 360 lost 30.7 per cent of sales compared to last year, but still landed comfortably ahead of the PS4 - and the Xbox One, which had to settle for fifth. Better luck next year, newblood.

2013 UK hardware sales chart

3DS (including 2DS, XL) - up 4 per cent
Xbox 360 - down 30.7 per cent
PS3 - down 31 per cent
Xbox One
Vita - down 41 per cent
Wii U - up 41.5 per cent
Wii - down 72 per cent
2013 hardware sales were up 5 per cent on 2012 (that's an additional 38 per cent in revenue) thanks to the launch of PS4 and Xbox One, which accounted for roundabouts a third of all hardware sold last year. Not too shabby, given that they launched in mid-November.

crikies... PS3 sales across the year beat by the PS4.