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    Why SEGA Could Never Make Skies Of Arcadia 2

    I was just browsing the gaming net on old stories etc and came across this a fan letter to the head of SEGA and apparently he responded too, me personally SoA is still one the best games SEGA ever released on Dreamcast and this is a reason why it would never get a sequel because of the way SEGA have lost the plot with the gaming industry and how they are obsessed with nostalgia, and the serious problems with Aliens Colonial Marines by Gearbox being a flop.


    A Japanese fanís letter to the president of Sega regarding a Skies of Arcadia sequel has received a rare reply from the president himself. He describes not wanting to let more people down and that Sega does not deserve to be in the games business.


    The following is a translation of Sega CEO Hajime Satomiís response to the letter:

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to release a sequel for Eternal Arcadia (Japanese name for Skies of Arcadia). To be honest, Iím not sure if we even deserve to be in the games business.

    Our reputation has taken quite a dive in recent years. Weíre still reeling from the repercussions of releasing the 15th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog game (commonly known as Sonic 2006). That is forever a mark on our formerly good name.

    As a publisher, we can not seem to get our act in order. A release in the United States known as Aliens: Colonial Marines was completely botched by its developer Gearbox and was critically panned. We did absolutely nothing in response. We were just taken advantage of.

    Even if we did release an Eternal Arcadia sequel, we can not ensure that the quality would be to your liking. The long-awaited sequel to NiGHTS was also met with negative reviews. How many more people can we afford to let down? I say, none.

    There is a reason we are not making Valkyria of the Battlefield 4 (Japanese name for Valkyria Chronicles), we would just mess it up. I was honestly surprised that we could still make a new series that was actually good. Today, I still use this series as justification for keeping our games division alive which is why I can not afford a series decline like Sonic the Hedgehog.

    We are running on nostalgia at this point. Sonic Generations used up all the nostalgia we could possibly wring out of the Sonic series and now we are creatively bankrupt. The Sonic & Sega Racing series uses a similar tactic by using characters like Vyse and Alex Kidd to foster nostalgic thoughts.

    Please do not get your hopes up for an Eternal Arcadia sequel. Just play the Valkyria of the Battlefield series as Vyse appears in it as a playable character. It may not be the same, but at least you will be playing a good game.


    Satomi Hajime

    The fan allegedly responded on 2channel saying, ďI guess I should just burn my Dreamcast then.Ē
    I also understand it shouldn't be under PS3 Games but I believe if they did do a sequel that SEGA would of released it on PS3 as well as 360
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