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    Hypothesised firmware patch for headset support coming soon


    Since the PlayStation 4′s launch around the world, many gamers have been wording when their favorite headset would become compatible with the device. Some in particular were concerned with Sony omitting support from their very own PULSE line of headsets as a day one item on the console. We’ve heard numerous rumors about an upcoming firmware update that would bring support for more headset and other features; that firmware may be coming next week.

    A leak on Play Asia and Best Buy details what is called the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. This device appears to be the successor to the PULSE lineup of headsets that are currently available in stores. The description for the item states that you can use it on PS4 following Firmware update 1.6, a firmware that hasn’t been release yet. If the rumors align with this new listing, then that means we should be receiving the new firmware sometime next week.
    Oh, I hope this is true. I really want access to my headset.

    Come find me on!

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    So you can use gold or the pulse willvwork?

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    Cant wait to be able to use my Pulses properly.

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    I hope so. But my question would be, will the PS 7.1 Surround sound headset work?

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    What's different with the gold setup

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    I bought the very first Sony PS Virtual 7.1 Headset (the one before Pulse that is actually the same aside from an audio jack input and slightly better things like software, etc).

    Will THAT headset work? I still love using it on my PS3 but I was upset after I dropped $100 on it only for the Pulse to come out less than a year later and, minor changes aside, be the same headset. I'd be upset if they only support that new headset (IMO, uglier than the pulse and no audio jack) and the Pulse but not their first headset that started all of them. It wasn't cheap and, again, has the same tech inside as the Pulse. They just added an audio jack for outside use, gave it a metal paint job and changed some design features like button placement and such. I just REALLY do not want to drop another $100+ on a headset that does the same as their first. It's not like they went to true Surround Sound as it's still virtual. In fact, I won't buy another. I refuse to as I just don't see how it would be fair to exclude the first they released. I hope they support it as it's as simple as a driver in a firmware update. The first one and Pulse have the same decoding software (I'm told) so I don't see why not but I've heard nothing about it and it worries me.

    IMHO, Sony has kind of botched this launch. MANY (if not most) of the main features that drew such excitement about the console are not even working yet. Things as simple as supporting their USB Bluetooth Dongle Headsets are yet to happen. As launch approached about half of the games promised were delayed. In NA, the F2P hyped War Thunder is yet to release. You have to violate Sony policy, create a UK account and download it there to play a game that was said to be a launch title (people have been warned/banned for playing it in NA) and the devs of the game are constantly saying it is 100% ready for NA launch but Sony USA won't release it for some reason?!? Unless you're an FPS orgy-level lover (nothing wrong with that) there aren't a whole lot of options and we're officially in February. Not even Demos! You'd think Sony would have a 1st party or strong relationshipped 2nd party studio toss a demo or two out a week. PS+ is about the only think looking like it is going to be kicking it up a gear next month as it has been killing it for PS3/Vita but not so much as movies or anything for the PS4 until now since the iffy launch titles like Contrast.
    No joke, I have a PS4. Lucked out on Amazon (literally were getting them at a rate of about one an hour) and it took two tries of F5'ing for 2 hours to see they had one in stock, add it to cart and select shipping to get my order finished. The first time I hesitated for a split second at shipping and that second lost me the console. I recalled I had one click ordering so I told myself if I madeit that far again, I'd take the $7.99 6-10 day shipping. I did, I flew threw the process not even stopping to look and was shocked to see "Congratulations!".
    That was January 4th. I received it Jan 13th. I opened it, turned it on and it self updated. I liked it but there was nothing that made me want to leave it out. I have a HUGE backlog of PS3 games to play if I want. So, I wiped it clean and neatly put it back in it's box. Haven't touched it since and have debated selling it for no more than $400 flat. If NA gets Outlast from PS+ like the UK is, I may bust it back out and keep it as I played a bit on my Brother's comp and liked it a lot! If not, it will sit until they give me a reason to know I'm keeping it like supporting THEIR PLAYSTATION HEADSETS, etc. If not? When I hear of stores about to get stock back in, I'll sell it. Amazing machine! Amazing OS! Yet, I know it's not far removed from launch but it can't do half of what was promised back in April yet and they said it would be launch capable. A share button that is useless right now is just one thing of many. Not waiting until FW 2.00 (Summer at the earliest) for features they promised at launch and a lack of games despite devs saying the system is 100x easier to develop for than the PS2/3 as it just went back to a basic PC build structure. PC games, at the least, like Outlast should be pouring onto the store. Sony should be asking every major PC game Dev that has made a hit in the last 3 years to port their game over and max it out on their beast machine. I at least expected that much as far as games by now as dev kits went out a while ago and Sony reached out to Indie and PC devs.

    /end rant & not so cool story, bro

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    @chumdiddy, It will work , I guess, because if not, I will rage-wash sony


    Stop preordering games! Stop buying day1 games! Stop being idiots!

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    We need the update first to start recording via HDMI.

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