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    The PS4 and the Residential

    I currently own a ps4 but I rarely will have access because I board school 2 and a half hours away from my ps4.

    I would really like to take my ps4 but the problem is I don't want to risk anything breaking inside or outside the ps4 and I also need to safe way to transport my monitor, I'm just letting anyone who is willing to give me a suggestion I'm not taking any chances with breakage it needs to be safe as possible and hopefully cheap (noting I live in Australia).

    Now I have looked at the gaems vanguard/sentry and just wanted any opinions on taking my ps4 away from its home.

    Thanks in advance to any who reply and hopefully I could see a positive outcome.

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    Drive home with dirty laundry, wash it, pack your ps4 in the middle of you're now clean clothes, drive back. As for the monitor, depending on the size, carefully load it into the backseat and don't drop it. Not really sure what you're looking for.

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