What's good, fellas? I need help. Don't know what I'm doing wrong and its driving me nuts. Ard, here is the situation!

Last night I purchased Capcom vs. SNK 2 off of the PS store. (I also still own the disc version) Already on the PS3 slim, I have saved data of Capcom vs. SNK 2 from when I transferred all of my stuff from my fat PS3 to the slim PS3 I'm using now. For some reason, the digital version isn't reading the PS2 save I already have for the game. Is this because that save was made for the original copy and I'm trying to use it for the digital version?

That's one scenario I thought of. So with that happening, I went to Gamefaqs and downloaded a save file for the "virtual memory" digital version. It's a .PSV save file. Cool. So I then created a folder called "PS3" then another named "EXPORT" and the last folder named "PSV". I put the PSV save file in the PSV folder. Took my flash drive, went to Save Data Utility for the PS2, but the file still isn't showing up. What am I doing wrong here? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated it.

I'd really like to get the gamefaqs file working so I won't have to unlock everything again. It's a little frustrating I tell you! Good lookin' out fam!