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    PS4 remote play lag


    I have both Vita and PS4. Remote play worked very well during the first a few days when I just got PS4. But now I can't even play with my Vita.

    My PS4 is plugged with ethernet cable and the Internet at my home gets a speed of 54MBps! I tried everything I can find from Internet but nothing worked. I tried to disable the Direct Connect to PS4, didn't work. When the direct connect is on, games are not playable even if I sit just in front of my PS4!

    I thought it was the Wi-Fi problem at first but it doesn't make sense that the remote play worked very well when I first got PS4.

    I found a post from the forum said try to forget the Wi-Fi my Vita is connected to and use direct connect, and that would solve the problem. But it did't work for me either.

    Does anyone else have the same problem? Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this.

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