slightly better for those with a small TV lol.

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Kinect comes with every Xbox, so devs can make use of it. as good as the PS4 camera could be, Sony removed it to keep the price down. so i can't see devs spending to much time putting it into games that few can use.
it's more to do with Kinect's ease of development as its code is already built into the SDK. also i'd think Kinect had a more accurate voice command ability.

for me, slightly better looking = the multi-plats we have now on PS4.
for instance. Tomb Raider and Assasins aren't WOW, look at how good these are compared to the games on Xbox. but if i'm buying a game (and i did with Tomb Raider) i'll have the PS4 version now that i own both consoles.
what a silly comparison.

how about this one from the same logic. the X1 is still struggling even though these games aren't WOW. how's that.