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    Downloaded Games/User Accounts

    I know I'm able to download games from the PSN store on one account and then play that game on other accounts on the same Playstation 3, but if I was to delete the account that's on the PS3 that actually owns those games would they still be playable on the other account?

    I hope that makes sense!


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    Any 2 PS3 consoles that have the account that is linked to the games, will work just fine. Even if you deactivate the account off the first console.

    If you delete the account from the PS3, the games on that PS3 that are linked to that account, will no longer work.

    If other account users want to play games purchased from another account, the account that purchased the games must be active on the PS3. That account also needs to sign in every so often, or the games will no longer work for the other accounts on the PS3.
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    Thanks for explaining, they are my old accounts so logging in every now and then won't be a problem.

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    thanks for explaining

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