So with the new Dragon Age:inquisition game coming to PS4, and the older ones on Xbox 360 and PS3 being able to load your previous saves, I thought to myself what are the chances of them porting DA 1 and 2 over to PS4 before Inquisition. Now before you say impossible let me explain.

Right now we do not have an exact set date for the next DA we simply know fall of this year. E3 is in June. This gives plenty of time for them to announce DA 1 and 2 for Ps4 much like Tomb Raider with improved graphics and gameplay. It could be released by April(lets assume they working on it now) giving a person a chance to play it and form the saves for the new DA, or be released Sept with new DA in Nov(which is more likely as Nov seems to be video game sweeps for holiday).

So why do I think all of this? Well it is because of DA allowing you to import your saves from the older games to have an effect on the story(which we do not know if major or minor at this point). Now you may say but infamous does not do this, well they announced the good ending is what fuels the next installment so you can not compare the two. So lets hear your guys opinions. Can you see this happening, and if so will you pick it up?

I already have plans to pick up on both systems one for my saved game, and other for the better graphics, and I suspect better game play in that.

For the record I would think the same about ME series if they announced new one would be able to port over saves if it takes place after the events of ME3.