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Ok, so in most states you can just walk in and buy whatever you want? What is the age requirement?

Alright I got it. I don't think we have anything like Walmart over here.

Yeah, pawn shops sound scary. Specially if there are any like the sketchy ones in movies.

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I've never been to any real shady ones... most are more like small chains and then there are gun exchanges, which IMO just overall look more above board than pawn shops. Primarily because the type of customers one gets over the other (gun exchange you're getting collectors and enthusiasts, pawn shops you're getting people desperate for money and others trying to sell stolen goods). Pawn shops still have to play by the same rules as gun exchanges and chain stores, but I just feel there's a higher chance of funny business going on at some of them.

Here's some brief info on gun ownership.

The age requirement you asked about, it's 18 for shotguns/rifles and 21 for handguns. Everyone I know has gone through a background check, but there is the gun show loophole, where private sellers don't need to do background checks, which is something I'm against. The background check itself is very loose, they do a criminal check and use the honor system for other stuff (do you abuse alcohol? do you have a history of mental illness? etc). Again, something I'm against and wish there was a way to properly screen people.

For Texas, there is no waiting period, while California has a 10-day wait and Washington has a 5-day. Others vary, I'm not sure what they are. When I bought my handgun it was a 10-15 minute process. State laws also vary on carrying in public. Texas you need to take a class and the weapon must be concealed, while some places, like Colorado, allow open carry and without a permit. Like this guy:

In Texas, and I'm sure others, there are limits to where you can conceal carry. Any business that has 51% of it's income coming from alcohol sales prohibits carrying. As do hospitals, government buildings and places that specifically say no guns. Generally schools don't allow it either, though there are some Universities that allow it, and of the places that do allow concealed carry, no gun related incidents have occurred.