Im getting really upset over the offerings were being given. I know its a newer service to MS.. (9 months i think?) but god damn... why are they giving us the oldest cheapest games?
Gears of War 1, (why not Judgement?) Crackdown 1 (why not crackdown 2?) Halo 3 (why not Halo 4? or even ODST?)

Its pretty obvious theyre done with the 360 and any game they offer from the past year or 2 can be found new for 20$ and under, yet they give us games like i mentioned which are 5-7 years old and can be found for 5$ and cheaper...

We got Dead Island this month... but germany instead got metro 2033 (due to dead island being banned in that country or something iono...) but come on... PS+ got Metro Last Light this month... MS cant even compete there...

Not only that... but the game we got yesterday - Toy Soldier Cold War... is so old (2011) and broken, the developer or MS havent even fixed the HACKED leaderboards... awesome. thanks for the broken game!! (seriously why did they give us a game with leaderboards this broken and bad?

Maybe im spoiled by PS+

But $#@!... come on MS, give us something better... Heres a list of games that can compete with PS+ (and still be cheap for you!) (and this is just 360 exclusives)

Gears of War Judgment
Crackdown 2
Halo 4
Halo Reach
Left 4 Dead 2

Other than GoW: J which came out last year... every other game there was released in 2012 or earlier... and none of these games are very pricey (20$ or less in fact...)