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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparc View Post
    So, given my Amazon Prime doesn't expire until August, I tried it out this evening using the PS4.

    Might be worth noting that not everything in their library is available to watch for free! Some films you have to pay extra for - 3.49 or 48H HD rental (2.49 for SD). What a rip! Even Aliens - a classic, but 1986 film, you have to pay for in addition to your subscription. Then there are some films listed which when you click on them are not available for streaming "in your region" due to the license terms.

    Messy, very messy. With Netflix once you're in, you're in - no more nickle and diming. Pretty unimpressed by this 'service'
    that sounds like a joke!

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    Amazon has been saying that they were going to raise the cost of their prime service for sometime now, I guess this is their attempt to justify the price hike.

    In my view, coming from a yank, Amazon is shooting themselves in the foot. Here in the states, they are now beginning to charge sales tax automatically (NC is one such place, where I currently live). So, I pay for Amazon Prime shipping (which doesn't apply to all items) and now everything I order is taxed. If they raise the prime membership rate, as they are apparently doing over in the UK, what reason do I have to continue business with them?

    Why should I even bother remaining a loyal customer?

    And the Prime streaming service- let's be real here. There are some good things in the free section, but an enormous (if not majority) of popular videos you'd probably be interested in you have to pay for anyway.

    My brother, for his part, has completely abandoned Amazon and returned solely to ebay. His reasoning (which is pretty good) is:
    1. No taxes, great deals.
    2. Ebay bucks are awarded just for making purchases.
    3. He does alot of ebay purchases, so he gets alot of free stuff.

    I've been a damn near exclusive Amazon shopper for years. That's all about to end, and I know I'm not the only one.

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