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    Free Thief Gold edition

    Came across this on Steam forums

    FYI it is not the new game that just released.

    Follow the steps here to get a free copy of theif Gold.
    *****************************BIG EDIT READ IT************************************************ ******
    After posting this i have recieved a rash amount fo people inviting me and asking for codes.
    or asking if i could do it for them. I do not have time to do this for everyone, if i was able to good, if not i am sorry. Here is a clear as i can get guide to get the game.

    1. Go here ->
    2. Enter info, ignore contest stuff unless you play to make a mod and enter.
    3. Click Sumit after check terms.
    4. You will then be on a page taht has a code that looks liek this "DYGL-JQUFFQ-7GABAP"
    *******THIS IS NOT THE CODE TO REDEEM ON STEAM*************

    5. Copy that code, and then click on the amazon click that i below it.
    6. On the right hand side of the amazon page is a "Buy and Download" button click it.
    7. It will then ask you to either sign in or make an account. Do which ever.
    ********* if you are in the USA try what this says read whats inside the grey box****************************

    8. This page on the right side under the total price is a coupon entry box, that code you copied earlier goes here.
    ***** IF IT COMES BACK INVALID*************
    - you ended up with a bugged code, you will need another.
    - go back here
    - enter another set of information, (doesn't not have the be real)
    - use new code

    9. After you purchase it there will be a download button. click it.
    10. Wait for DL normally only seconds, this next window will have a button for the key.
    11. This is the key you will then use to redeem through steam.

    If you are unable to make an amazon account or have issues anywhere else you can post her but i may be unable to help in time, you might be better of ALSO posting for help at , this is where i origanally found out about this. The people there are very nice and will help if they can.

    For those that don't know how to redeem on steam do this.
    Open steam > top left click game > activate> Next > Confirm > paste key> Done.
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    This was floating on Reddit a couple of days ago. I haven't had a chance to play it, but everyone says it's still pretty fun.

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    Is this legit? Tempted to try

    edit: Realised it's the old game from way back when! I think I still have this in the box in the attic

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    Just remembered my account!

    Thanks OP. Was always tempted by the steam sales but never went through with it.

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