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    For those with the wwe network

    So on ps3 everything right now at the moment seems to be working great i havnt watched anything for more than a few minutes though and tested fast fwding

    but here some other Various issues, when roku works i get 2.0 sound but on my ps3 i get 1.1 sound, the ecw ppv massacre on 34th street shows up on the android app but not on ps3 and Wwes great American bash is under the wcw great American bash and vice versa

    anyone else having those issues on the ps3/4?

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    Yes, my PS4 client 'works better' until it crashes out.
    PS3 client not as much.

    Still a bit worried about Wrestlemania. May order it on PPV and then just stream the rest of the ppvs.

    I'm not sure about the different directory listings though.
    Sofar if it's NWA or WCW or World Class, it's been under WCW. ECW is under ECW until the buyout (remember, it folded and Heyman sold all the rights to WWE to make payroll and get himself something in return), then it's under WWE.
    That's the only rhyme or reason i've found.
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