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    Faction Warfare and all its greatness.

    Man I'm diggin FW so much!! You have nearly any if at all in good groups, the amount of players that are there just to ruin your day. You barely see tank spammers and such unless it's a very coordinated group. I was unlucky enough to come up against an entire team of Team Players/ Imperfects including two players in the top 10 for all time kills, and they devoured our little team by putting two tanks and two dropships at our redline spawns but whatever, thats another story entirely. It's only those certain events that I've had a hard time with FW compared to countless curse worded Pub matches I've been in.
    I really enjoy FW. So Much that I've made an ALT Merc just for Role-playing and only doing FW. I.e, every weapon, suit, modules, vehicles, etc... are all FW gear. Granted the idea was not mine, but I've noticed other people have done the same. There's even a few Corps that are FW only as well. That's awesome to me!!

    As far as the gear goes, its all variations of existing gear but with slightly lower skill lvl costs but with the same stats. Which is pretty awesome for 3 reasons.
    1) The gear is cheaper aside from the LP also required.
    2) You can get to Proto Gear a lot faster
    3) You can save that oh so precious SP for more possibilities.
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    Couldn't agree more. I made my Minmatar merc (COVERT SUBTERFUGE) because I'm totally besotted with the Matari. I love their lore, their equipment and the look of the gear...and the new role bonuses coming in 1.8. So of course, the idea of fighting for the Minmatar Republic immediately appealed to my role play desire.

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head: lack of ISk reward means that you simply don't get tank spam (bar the odd exception) and people play more tactfully. The increase to that faction's standing and the payout of loyalty points also makes winning a lot sweeter; something you don't get in public matches.

    I love that FW basically gives you access to gear with reduced skill requirements. I'll be speccing 1 point into sentinel, commando and logi come 1.8 and will be able to run advanced gear which is what I run most the time anyway. People say that loyalty gear sucks and it kind of does if you have level 5 in all skills already but if you're wanting to really max out one role or a weapon tree then faction gear allows you to branch out without the steep SP sink.

    Die hard Matari and loyalist to the Republic! 6/10 standing and close to 50K LP...yeehaw!

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