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Thread: New Laptop

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    New Laptop

    So my laptop of 5 years just died recently and I'm looking to replace it...

    I have a budget of around $600 and I'm not looking to play the latest games - Mainly just steam games, and some games from 2012/2013.

    The Acer Aspire V5-552-X814 looks like it's pretty solid and probably good enough for what I'm looking for. The AMD Radeon HD 8650G from what I gather, isn't anything special but can handle the games I'm looking to play.

    My question is, are there any other laptops similar in price that are better than the x814? Unfortunately the site I was looking at ( doesn't really have a lot listed there. Regardless I think it's difficult finding comparable laptops these days...So much out there and prices are always changing.

    Anyone know of anything a bit better for the same price? or does it not even matter considering my budget?

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    Sounds good - it's available for 499$ on amazon.
    A midrange amd gpu is your best bet in this pricerange, all (intel based) notebooks only have 820m's or just the integrated 4000/4400 "gpus".

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