Sony to Integrate “New PlayStation Technologies” in Popular Engines like CryEngine, Unreal and More

Sony PlayStation’s U.S. R&D Organization is looking for a talented engineer to join one of their software development teams. This engineer will work with game and middle-ware developers in order to integrate support for new PlayStation technologies. Knowledge of a wide variety of console game engines and middle-ware is highly desired. Examples of such engines and middle-ware are Bullet Physics Engine, CRI Middle-ware, CryENGINE, FMod, Havok, PhysX, Unity, Unreal Engine, WWise. Prior experience in developing games is highly desired. Specialized knowledge in either audio or computer vision is a plus. Imagination is essential. An ability to learn what is needed and get things done promptly is required.

Principle Duties / Responsibilities:
* Application- and library-level programming and debugging
* Implementing support for new PlayStation technologies in a variety of in-house and 3rd party middle-ware.
* Providing technical support to game developers for new PlayStation technologies
* Writing documentation
VR technology with third-party devs?