OK, I'm at a loss here...First off, my ps3 (fat 80gb - CECHK01) stopped reading discs so I replaced the blu ray laser. This took me a while cus I accidentally screwed up the loader mechanism in the drive, but eventually got everything working again. One thing I should mention is that the machine was getting REALLY hot during this process. I know you're not supposed to keep it plugged in when you're working on it, but I needed to test the drive repeatedly so I kept it on part of the time.

Once I got the drive working again it was playing discs fine, but now the machine shuts off randomly after a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. Everything is plugged in correctly to my knowledge but it just shuts off without warning, and doesn't display a red light or anything.

I did some diagnostic testing today to see what could be the issue. I tried disconnecting the blu ray drive altogether and starting the system, and this time it stayed on much longer - a good half hour or so. When it finally did shut off, a solid red light was displayed (standby mode). This suggests that there is some issue with the blu ray player itself, possibly involving the circuit board.

Has anyone experienced this problem before, and if so what steps can I try next? I plan to buy a multimeter today to check if the issue lies with the power cord, power supply or a ribbon cable. But I have a feeling that the blu ray drive is somehow responsible here...I wasn't having this issue before I replaced it.