Imagine running through dark tunnels in a fast paced shooter like battlefield 4 then all of a sudden here a ghostly voice telling you to "Get out" and "Stay Away". Well if you happen to walk through a tunnel a bit South East of Objective C on the new Naval Strike Map "Nansha Strike" that's exactly what you'll here. To activate this easter egg go to the spot I mentioned and look at the security camera. The camera will lock on to you and you'll start to hear beeping. Once that happens don't move. the voice says "Leave This Place", "Get Out", "Stay Away" and "Leave Now".

The Battlelog forums exploded with activity after this was discovered and many believe this is part of the "Phantom Program phase 2" assignment. Phase one involved finding a secret code "bumpinthenight" to unlock hidden objectives to unlock a cool dog tag for Battlefield 4. That code was translated out of various statues scattered around the China Rising maps that had brail on the side that was translated out. Many people believe Phase 2 has something to do with various flickering lights scattered around Naval Strike maps that are really Morse code.

What do you think?
Do you think this more then just a way to get a nifty dog tag or do you think it has something to do with the mysterious final expansion for Battlefield 4 "Final Stand"?
Tell us down below!