When they asked me about Boston, I choked up. It was hard to talk about it. It had affected me like nothing else before.
I still don't understand how malicious and evil some people can be. My consolation is that the majority of people are decent and caring individuals. I'm an optimistic person, and I have faith in the goodness of humanity.
I have to; I have no other choice.
So many people reached out to us after Boston. The outpouring of concern and support from patients, friends and acquaintances was overwhelming. They all care; they all love; they all feel. They all remind me how good people can be.
That is what makes me want to go back to Boston. Yes, like thousands of others, I'm running Boston again this year. Every marathon is a marathon, but Boston is Boston.
I'm running it to make a simple statement: Acts of cowardice will not stop me from exercising my rights as an athlete and a human. I am running it for those who were injured and can't run it. I am running it for the love of running. I am running it to show my support for all Bostonians.
Lastly, I am running it because in 2013, I never really finished.
This year, I will.
Love it! <3 Love is patient, love is kind.