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    Multiple local accounts

    I just bought a PS Vita, and I love it!

    However, I just noticed it isn't possible to create multiple local accounts, like you can do this on PlayStation 3 en PlayStation 4. What if multiple players want to play a game with only one save slot (like Rayman Legends)?
    Does each player needs their own memory card? That's ridiculous, those cards are expensive and it's impractical to change them each time.

    Is it, in one way or another, possible to create multiple accounts or will this feature be supported in a next firmware update?

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    I've looked into this, since I got EU funds and wanted to buy a Vita game, but multiple accounts on one vita is more trouble then it's worth.

    You need TWO MEMORY CARDS, and before you swap each memory card and use em you have to deactivate your account and reformat the Vita (not the memory card). Pretty damn silly especially for those like me who own accounts in different regions.

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