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I don't. Sony learned their lesson and they have yet to turn the heat up with exclusives. MS better hope that GT7 isn't far enough along to be release next year. Can you imagine the damage a GT7 bundle would do with a price cut to $299? I want MS to struggle. I want their backs against the wall for a few years(which is going to happen if they continue as they are now). It's going to force MS to make new i.p's or get their ass handed to them on a gold platter. Knowing that MS's 1st party are horrible at making new i.p's, they'll probably go out and buy some up. BUT with the ps4 kicking xbone's ass, those devs are going to charge even more due to missing out on the ps4 userbase.
Yep we already saw Xbone version of Spiderman cancelled, Bound by Flame dev saying no Xbone version planned at this time and IW saying COD will be leading on PS4.