At least not Wolfenstein.

Watchdogs is fine....I saw the "PS2 graphical downgrade" which must not have been real b/c I've been seeing great looking gameplay videos and whatnot since whatever...the game looks great and I'm getting it.

But Wolfenstein doesn't make me very excited.

This thread is asking if anyone else seems to have lost their love for id.

When RtCW came out...I played it a good bit. Then was alright. Quake 4 was great imo....but it wasn't even made my id. Then RAGE. I played about an hour of RAGE today for the first time and I don't think I'll go back tot that game unless I have nothing else to play and I'm broke.....or really bored.

I was sorta excited...then I walked up to the counter at out my money and said "Preorder Watchdogs and Wolfenstein for me pls".....looked at my money...and thought...I just don't see myself enjoying it.

The one for the last gen looked about as mediocre as it gets, though I've never played it. want to want this game.