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/n/Dark Clouds, an eBook sequel to Watch Dogs, will release alongside the game on May 27, Ubisoft has announced.

Authored by John Shirley, the eBook picks up the story after the game’s ending. It’s a techno-thriller that follows Mick Wolfe, an an ex-military character who gets caught in Chicago’s hyper connected and violent underground. It will feature both new and known characters from Watch Dogs.

Shirley is a prolific author with over 30 books and short story collections to his name, which include some game, comic book, and movie novelizations. He’s also written several works in the cyberpunk genre, which is why he’s a good fit for Watch Dogs’ world. Ubisoft says that //n/Dark Clouds is the first novelization it conceived of in-house, and that Shirley had unprecedented access to the Montreal studio development team and writers.

the eBook will be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish in two digital formats: an upgraded version with interactive videos and images, and a classic eBook. You can find out more about //n/Dark Clouds on its official website.

Watch Dogs launches May 27 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Wii U version will launch this fall.
Not sure if I like this. Game is not even out yet and they're already pushing their marketing hype at us. Not to mention it makes me wonder bad things about the ending.