It’s no secret that Bungie is reaching for the stars with Destiny, with Activision betting that Destiny will be the “best-selling new video game IP in history.” the game has a lot riding on its shoulders. But, how ambitious is Destiny ? How massive is this game going to be? In terms of map size Destiny is going to be Immense.In a recent interview with a Brazilian site, Bungie Senior software engineer Christian Diefenbach said that “Each of Destiny’s locations is more or less the same size as Halo Reach”.
Now this statement is a bit frightening, Halo:Reach is a truly massive shooter. With Destiny having over a dozen shown locations this game could easily be one of the largest shooters ever made.With the mass variance each Planet can offer the game looks to be going places few games are able to go. To add to the variance of Destiny’s world the game has a persistent day and night cycle with changes in weather which can alter the feel of any given area you had visited before.To see some of the locations in Destiny go here.

Beyond that Destiny also released their GDC video showcasing their systems for creating Armor, the system that Bungie has created for the armor of Destiny is insane: it basically allows Bungie to create what could essentially become a near endless amount of armor and customization for players, you can view that video here if you missed it.To add to the basics of choosing armor pieces you will be able to change the colors and maybe even the specularity.
In regards to customization there is far more then just Armor, you can also customize your vehicles such as your Shrike which you can change and adapt to your own preferences as you progress through the campaign. But that is not all! In Destiny you also have a space ship, in the game you are seemingly able to customize them as well, or at least choose between multiple variants.
Just to top that off all the massive amount of customization Bungie is giving Destiny a huge array of weapons, and much like the armor they are fully customizable. To the right you can see a gif of just some of the variants of a single weapon, and with Destiny having so many weapons the number of variations is going to be nearly unprecedented. Unlike most shooters when you get a gun in Destiny it will become your own, not only in appearance but in the way it shoots and feels, so that someone might be carrying the same gun as you, but it will feel nothing like the one you wield in your hands.
All that alone would make for a huge game but for Bungie that apparently wasnt enough, on top of the main story and missions Destiny has something called “Public Events”.Public events are pretty much a randomized objective based mission where multiple fireteams participate in fighting off waves of enemies before encountering a boss, of course there is likely much more variance to them then just boss fights since we have only seen one.

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With Destiny having all of this content and than reading that Destiny has not been truly introduced to us (as said by urk) I can only imagine that Destiny has countless secrets and new experiences for us to see, and maybe, just maybe we have only seen the tip of this glorious iceberg.

I'm super pumped for this game. Can't wait to receive that beta invite!