My god this game, my lasting memory of this game is that it could have been brilliant, COULD have been. The trouble is there really isnt much alternative to FIFA unless you try PES but this game is so broken i dont know where to start. A Company like EA should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Iv put a fair number of hours into the game like most years on FIFA and as theres not much out on PS4 at the moment its really one of few games i enjoy right now. But there are so many issues with it, I play a lot of Ultimate team now its has been almost impossible to do anything on the transfer market. The web app, phone app and console all keep crashing it took me over an hour to list players today then after id listed them and they finished 4 players got stuck and now i cant do anything with them. Then theres the actual game itself once out of say 10 games i get disconnected (not from psn just from ea servers) so i know its not my internet so it gets recorded as a loss and lose my DNF. Then the lag no other game i play online lags EVER but not fifa its so slow and laggy the servers are dog ****. So its at times unplayable online so thats H2H, Clubs and ultimate team that all require you to be online.

I could go on but im so sick of it if these issues arnt fixed then I wont buy 15 sorry to rant but i know im not alone