Insider Confirms Rumors On Sony E3 Conference

08 May 2014
Swedish insider Tidux has been prominent lately, with plenty of interesting leaks starting with the latest PlayStation 4 firmware feature set.
Today, he confirmed in a series of tweets some of the rumors that have been circulating on the upcoming Sony E3 conference.

  • Uncharted PS4 will be revealed in a three minutes long showcase trailer, presumably in-engine.
  • The Order: 1886 will get a gameplay demonstration on stage.
  • Sony Japan could be showing two or even three new games on stage.
  • Guerrilla’s new IP, which we have talked about a couple of days ago, should be shown as well.
  • Evolution’s Driveclub will be pushed under the limelight for good.

Uncharted PS4 3 Minute Trailer showcasing = Real.
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
The Order:1886 will get a stage demo = Real.
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
- Sony Japan debuting 2, maybe even 3 titles = Real.
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
Evolution will give Driveclub some time in the limelight = Real.
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
GG will attend E3 with new game
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
All of this seems likely to happen. Another interesting tidbit, though, is that Sony Japan supposedly has five titles in development, although some may be for PS Vita or even PS3.
@atPeteDodd did you know, Sony Japan has 5 games in The working?
— Tidux (@Tidux) May 8, 2014
Stay tuned on Worlds Factory for all the rumors about the upcoming E3 2014.