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    Unreal Tournament 4

    Twitch recording:
    More information:

    With the Twitch stream still going on as I type this, Unreal Tournament 4 has been officially announced. Not only this but the entire game is going to be FREE! That's right FREE!

    I'm going to add more tidbits in this post when I get back from Badminton tonight.

    Edit: Right back. Now to add what I can remember.
    • Unreal Tournament 4 is going to be 100% free
    • All the DLC is going to be 100% free
    • The core game mechanics are going to be programmed by Epic
    • If you own Unreal Engine 4 ($19/m) then you can contribute to the game
    • You can upload your mods, skins, textures, game packs, genre packs, scripts and more to the Marketplace
    • The Marketplace is like an all in one system where users can choose the mod they want and have it install with a single click
    • The Marketplace is open for every developer meaning that you can set a price if you want to or have it free
    • The game will be based around the community with full community input with Epic on the forums
    • The game will only be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux... yes LINUX!!!

    So where does Epic get their money from? The 5% of every sale on the marketplace. If you think about it it's an ingenious way to get people to actually subscribe $19/m to start making mods and helping create Unreal Tournament 4 and you know what? I'm going to do that too.

    If I do actually go ahead and get the engine, who's wanting to help out and start making some maps?

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