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    R-Type Dimensions [HD remakes of I+ II] arriving on PS3-PSN May 20th[NA] 21st[EU]

    Official website:

    U.S. and EU Playstation blogs:

    Previously, R-Type Dimensions had been exclusive to Xbox 360 XBLA since 2009, it's been 5 years now. Already on on PS3 PSN in Japan, R-Type Dimensions is finally coming to the west.

    The great thing about R-Type Dimensions is, you can play both R-Type and R-Type II, as they were in 1987 & 1989 respectively with their original arcade 16-Bit sprite graphics, or with the remade 3D/HD graphics, and, switch between old & new graphics on the fly as you're playing. 2 player co-op as well as online play.

    You can also switch the camera to a more angled view with the remade graphics HD, something I found pretty kewl with the XBLA version 5 years ago.

    In addition to seeing the switch between original 2D and 3D-HD, you can also see the camera viewpoint being switched in 3D in the trailers for the old XBLA version and new PSN version which I posted below.

    PS3 PSN Trailer:
    Xbox 360 XBLA Trailer from 2009:
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    I'm actually pretty excited for this, wish it was coming out for the PS4 though, my PS3 hasn't been fixed yet >_<

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    I would've preferred it came to the Vita as I haven't touched my PS3 for a few months now.

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    Wow I played this release on 360 YEARRSSS ago. Great games!

    If you like shmups these are a must. I'd buy again for sure if they came to Vita

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    IIRC, the 2D ports of R-Type I & II in Dimensions were also more accurate to the coin-op games than the ports in R-Types for PS1 (also released on PSP/ PS3 via PSN) as the pixel output of Irem's arcade boards, M72 (for r-type) and M82 (for r-type II) was 384x256, slightly higher, and wider, than PS1's standard low-res 320x240. No need for the HUD/screen scroll option that was in R-Types.

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    For those who may be interested, here is a late 2008 developer interview, done a few months before the original XBLA release:

    Also, few more screenshots of the XBLA version, the remade visuals, and where the perspective/camera is shifted which I mentioned above.


    (R-Type II)

    Compared to, the normal perspective / camera angle:

    Expect the same of the PS3-PSN version on Tuesday-Wednesday.

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